Degree thesis

“The preparation of the athlete before athletic training”

Tutor: prof. Claudio Gaudino
The goal of this thesis is the search for anatomical – physiological bases to achieve the proper operation of the musculoskeletal system, particularly in the large joints of the body: shoulders and hips. The purpose of the work is to make as complete and harmonic as possible every motion against these joints, in order to prepare a physical – optimal athletic sports, and to make a proper assessment of the subjects so that they can be prepared to better, especially with a view to the prevention of accidents

So recited the written text on official abstract, namely the document that is to be given 15 days before the discussion session of the academic year 2006/2007.

This work of over 90 pages, developed in about six months of research, translation and compilation of the content, was designed to be the methodological basis of what would become, one day, Meto2o. The Opera is divided into three major sections, the first dedicated to the difference between physical preparation and athletic training, which acts as a bit ideological introduction to better understand the next steps.

The thesis continues with an in-depth analysis that starts with a chapter dedicated exclusively to the equilibration of the basin considered in all its different schools of thought, thanks to the support of the work of one of the greatest representatives of the science of the movement of all time: the french André Lapierre.

The work continues with a meticulous description of the coxofemoral joints and shoulder joint complex, inspired by the most famous work of orthopedics and human kinesiology of all time: the Kapandji.

In the second part, the work provides for the collection of the techniques of stretching, joint mobility and of the whole matter concerning the amplitude of movement and action of the eccentric – concentric agonist and antagonist musculature: the great authors that are the basis of this chapter are many, as well as those who have made possible the realization of the next chapter which has as its theme the resistant force and tensile strength.
This part, the second one, assumes that the strength and joint mobility are crucial only when used together and if they work in harmony: just read the "2o" Philosophy to better understand the meaning of what is written.

In the third and final part, called "job offer", are contained some simple ideas that, in my opinion, can be taken into account with regard to workouts that will be brought forward in order to fulfill the purpose... of releasing strength. Inside of the abstract information, was required keywords of the thesis, I will report them below: "athletic and physical preparation; equilibration of the basin; hip joint, the shoulder joint complex; mobility; methodologies elongation; resistant force."

This is a summary of the maximum that gives an idea of the work and, in particular, the basic philosophy I was already applying at that time at “Le Pleiadi” (see Curriculum) Today, these ideas were combined and coded in a global method training, which starts from medical gymnastics and corrective and comes up to the maximum professional specialization.

If you are interested in learning more about my thesis, please do not hesitate to contact me!